Pots wiring diagram

"Pot" stands for potentiometer. Volume and Tone pots are the same component but a capacitor is soldered to the ground lug of the tone pot. This cap prevents a certain amount of …

Beautiful, easy to follow guitar and bass wiring diagrams. Wiring Diagrams for Stratocaster, Telecaster, Gibson, Bass and more. Guitar wiring refers to the electrical components, and interconnections thereof, inside an electric guitar (and, by extension,

other electric instruments like the bass guitar or mandolin).It most commonly consists of pickups, potentiometers to adjust volume and tone, a switch to select between different pickups (if the instrument has more than one), and the output socket. Note that it might be preferable to break the connection to ground on the two non-master volume pots in the diagram above. If left connected, you may get a muddy sound as the non-master pot and the master pot will combine resistance. Suggested Wiring/Color Codes and Diagrams A simple drop in replacement using the existing wiring in your guitar is always suggested. For Bill Lawrence's Hand drawn Wiring Diagrams, Click on any of these at the bottom of the page or use your own favorite diagram by following our color code. Interfacing Audio and POTS

(Plain Old Telephone Service) Dennis Bohn, Rane RaneNote 150 written 2002; last revised 6/09. Analog Telephone Overview T: (951) 685-0081 F: (951) 685-0084 E: [email protected] ©Copyright 2014 Rankin-Delux, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Designed by: V. Alcantara Guitar wiring, tips, tricks, guitar schematics, and useful links Transform Your Strat Into A Blues Monster! 7 of the Best Strat Wiring Mods Around In pursuit of the holy grail of Strat tone. I get tons of questions and emails about Strat tone mods. The Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul are two guitars that never have and never will fall out of favour. They cover very different ground in terms of tone, the Strat reigns supreme for crisp, bright, clear tones while the Les Paul has a heavier, fatter, punchier sound.

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